dog mackenzie standing on bedCanine boarders enjoy the following amenities:

  • Immaculately Clean, 120 Square Foot Suites
  • Comfy Toddler Beds and Plenty of Pet Toys
  • Televisions and Movie Showings in Suites
  • Family Visits and Tours of the Facility
  • Outdoor Leash Walks
  • A Clean, Safe & Comfy Atmosphere
  • Fresh Bedding & Daily Housekeeping
  • Individualized Care
  • Planned, Regulated, and Monitored Veterinary Diets
  • Fresh Water Setups
  • Convenient Hours

The following services are also available:

  • Card and Magnet Paw Painting
  • Daily Activity Diaries
  • Arts and Crafts

Boarding Requirements

  • Your dog must wear a collar and arrive on a leash, which will be returned after checked in.
  • If your pet has a washable favorite personal belonging, please bring it.
  • Dogs must be current on the following vaccines: DHL (Distemper, Hepatitis, and Leptospirosis), Parainfluenza, Parvo, Rabies, Bordetella, and Influenza.
    Note: Lepto vaccine requirement is yearly, even if Distemper vaccine given is a 2-year or 3-year vaccine.
  • All dogs must be free from internal and external parasites, and we require a current negative fecal.
  • Bring a veterinarian's statement showing your pet’s latest inoculations. (Please feel free to fax your pet’s vaccine history to us at 352-751-3311 prior to arrival.) We insist on current vaccinations according to our kennel guidelines above. If necessary, we will arrange for booster inoculations.

We look forward to your dog's vacation!